Agilent aCGH/CNV Microarray Service

Agilent’s CGH microarrays enable the scientist to confidently characterize chromosomal aberrations associated with developmental abnormalities, disease susceptibility, and differential drug responses. Highly-sensitive 60-mer oligonucleotide probes deliver the resolution needed to accurately examine chromosomal changes and to analyze complex and challenging samples. Versatile probe selection and customization options allow the scientist to target regions of interest, without compromising on data quality or cost.

Agilent’s CGH microarray platform, with its set of optimized reagents and hardware, combines sensitivity, flexibility and coverage, allowing scientists to finely view chromosomal variations and elucidate their relationship to disease susceptibility.

Molecular Genomics offers CGH microarray service using enzymatic labeling or ULS based labeling protocol to cater for different sample sources. In addition, we can perform large scale studies on automation platform using either protocol.

The aCGH Microarray Service at Molecular Genomics includes consultation on experiment design, sample QC using Nanodrop and Bioanalyzer, and complete reports with QC metrics.

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