Antibody Microarray Service

Raybiotech Quantibody array is an array-based multiplex sandwich ELISA system for simultaneous quantitative measurement the concentration of multiple cytokines in serum, plasma, CSF, cell lysate, conditioned media and other body fluid. It combines the advantages of the high detection specificity/ sensitivity of ELISA and the high throughput of the arrays. Like a traditional sandwich-based ELISA, it uses a pair of cytokine-specific antibodies for detection. A capture antibody is first bound to the glass surface. After incubation with the sample, the target cytokine is trapped on the solid surface. A second biotin-labeled detection antibody is then added, which can recognize a different isotope of the target cytokine. The cytokine-antibody-biotin complex can then be visualized through the addition of the streptavidin-labeled Fluorescent dye using a microarray scanner.

Molecular Genomics is certified service provider for Raybiotech Antibody Array technologies.

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